The public institution „Vilties žiedas“ implements the project „Viena stotelė“ which purpose is to
establish a center that would provide comprehensive social and mental health strengthening
services, ensuring the well-being of children and their families.

The project is financed by the financial mechanism of the European Economic Area for 2014-2021.

„Viena stotelė“ center provides many services necessary for the child and the family, which meet
their individual needs and situation – these include psychological consultations and psychosocial
support, mediation, law, psychiatric services, assistance for children and adults with addictions,
psychosocial help for women experiencing violence, single mothers, support for disabled family
members, individual consultations and group trainings of parenting skills. In „Viena stotelė“ center
children and families can get intensive crisis resolution assistance, a temporary accommodation
service is provided, creating a safe environment for the child and family. The center employs about
20 specialists who ensure the availability of services and the successful resolution of critical cases.

During the „Viena stotelė“ project, various trainings of case managers and social workers are
carried out in order to improve the competences required in working with children and families.

It is planned that 150 people will receive the services of the „Viena stotelė“ center, duration of the
project – 28 months.

The project is being carried out in Kaunas, at Juozapavičiaus pr. 7G.

For more information and free services, please contact us:
by phone: +370 686 57630, by email:


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